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Solid Lotion Perfume Bar
Cupcakes with frosting
Solid Lotion Perfume Bar
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Solid Lotion Bar - Sticks

Body Lotion
Body Lotion
Our all natural lotion perfumed
stick moisturizes and nourishes
while leaving a wonderful bakery
fragrance on your skin with Shea
Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, Cocoa
Butter, Vitamin E & Beeswax!
Paraben, Color, Sulfate and
Petro Chemical FREE!!!
Soy Blend Travel Candles

Soy Blend Travel Candles

Indulge Yourself with
Luxurious Scents!
Great treatment for cuticles!
Perfect size for your purse.
Natural Lip Balm
Natural Lip Balm
.75 ounce twist up tubes

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Organic Body Wash
Castile Body Wash
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